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Nollywood Actress Ani Amatasoro Blast Neo for Washing Vee Panties in the BBnaija House

Famous nollywood actress Ani amatasoro recently took to her Instagram sharing her opinions on Neo washing vee's panties on BBnaija lockdown.

She stated saying that she will never allow a man to wash her panties , even if it's her husband or boyfriend unless she might be ill and can't do it herself.

She further stated that washing a ladies panties is not a sign of love saying that there are plenty more ways to show love

Here is here Instagram post

“Should we talk about this pant washing issue?

As a typical Itsekiri woman, I Ani Amatosero will never allow any man, be it husband or boyfriend wash my pant. The only way that can happen, which it will never get to that point, is if I am ill. I don’t believe washing of pant is a sign of love. There are other ways you can show me love. Not by washing my pant. it’s a very big NO for ME.

Here are some comments she got:

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